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Europe's Energy Portal was founded in 2005, by Dutch company BCN B.V. and has grown into a real online beacon, a trusted environment accessible to anyone with an interest in energy. In particular, energy related to Europe and the member states of the European Union. We are a commercial organization, strongly rooted within the EU, but run independently from the European Commission.

Europe Energy Portal's flagship products are its comprehensive energy reports. We treasure a talented team of energy professionals to compile these reports, and conduct small- to medium-sized energy related studies upon request.

A question we are asked is on the difference between Europe’s energy Portal and he EU’s statistical bureau Eurostat.
There are three main differences: first and most significant; research methodology. Eurostat receives its input from the European energy agencies, we depend mainly on our respondents; European energy end-users. Second, research depth; we go into more detail as we differentiate in quantity consumed by end-users. Third, publication frequency; our reports contain monthly data and are updated monthly. Information security policy is implemented according to ISO/IEC 27002.


  • Competitive pricingWell-researched, well-documented studies at affordable rates
  • Swift responsesConcerns and questions are adequately dealt with
  • Single focal pointDeal with one representative on all project issues
Any particular queries or questions? Send an e-mail or call during business hours (9:00-17:00 CET).

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